Palestine Magazine May 2019 - Page 21

Texas Tidbits Five facts about Texas You May Not Know I f you thought you knew everything there was to know about Texas, you may want to read over these uncommonly known facts – they just might surprise you. Everyone needs a little Texas trivia to spice up their day, right? 1. → 2. There are more than 70,000 miles of highway in Texas, of which 40,985 are paved farm and ranch roads. Along Texas roads, there are more than a million signs and markers. Texas uses 1.6 million gallons of white and yellow paint each year to paint stripes along its highways. John Wayne and Chuck Norris are honorary Texas Rangers. The Texas Rangers are the oldest law enforce- ment agency in North America with statewide jurisdic- tion. Photo courtesy of Fact Retriever → Photo courtesy of Metro Creative 3. → 4. After the popularity of the song “Luckenbach, Texas,” so many road signs were stolen that the government stopped making them. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons The world’s largest (and oldest) rattlesnake roundup is held every March in Sweetwater, Texas. Photo courtesy of National Geographic → 5. → Austin is home to the largest urban bat colony in North America. Over 1.5 million bats roost beneath the Congress Avenue Bridge over Lady Bird Lake and eat between 10,000- 30,000 lbs. of insects a night. The largest known bat colony in North America is also located in Texas in Bracken Cave. Over 20 mil- lion bats live in the cave, which is more bats than there are people living in Mumbai, India—one of the world’s largest human cities. Photo by Karen Marks / Bat Conservation International APRIL 2019 21