Palestine Magazine May 2019 - Page 20

Obscure Facts about Palestine & Anderson County Palestine ► Much of the debris from the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster, in which seven astronauts were killed, landed in Palestine and other East Texas towns. Palestine’s NASA Columbia Scientific Balloon Facility (renamed after the shuttle crash), has flown 1,700 high-altitude balloons for universities and research agencies. Anderson County ► On May 19, 1836, an alliance of Comanche, Kiowa, Caddo, and Wichita attacked Fort Parker, killing or kidnapping all but about 18 settlers, who managed to escape to Fort Houston, which had been erected in Anderson County in 1835 as protection against Indians. Among the captured was Cynthia Ann Parker, who later became the mother of Quanah Parker, a Comanche chief. Some residents of Anderson County are related to Cynthia Ann Parker. ► In October 1838, Gen. Thomas Jefferson Rusk conducted a raid against hostile Indians at Kickapoo, near Frankston, ending the engagements with the Indians in East Texas for that year.