Palestine Magazine January 2019 - Page 50

Linda Dickens Keeping the community on task Just like the priceless stones she and her husband, Charles, sell at Charles Dickens Fine Jewelry & Gifts, Linda Dickens is a gem. Her sparkling personality makes her a joy to be around. Dickens is also a committed community volunteer, and has been most of her adult life. She serves on a variety of community boards and organizations, includ- ing Citizens on Patrol and the Palestine Economic Development Cor- poration. Dickens is an ambassador for the Palestine Area Chamber of Commerce, a board member of The Action Group, and a member of the Harvey Women’s Club. “I love being involved in all of them and the variety of people I get to meet and know,” Dickens said. “Growing up, my family was never really involved. I wanted to be. I love people and enjoy being involved with them. It’s a great feeling to have helped people.” Everyone has something to give, Dickens said: a talent or special quality. She said her gift to all her groups is organization and keeping them on task. “It’s also great for business networking and community spirit,” Dickens said. “We are making a difference; it’s good for Palestine.” Linda Taylor Volunteering for the community When Linda Taylor, 66, retired from ETA Global two years ago, after 26 years of service to the company, she decided to give back to Palestine, the community where she has lived for most of her life. A member of the Community Oriented Policing program, she acts as another set of eyes and ears for the police department. “I go out on patrol and look for things,” she said. Taylor also helps with the Police Explorer Program and preaches to teenagers the importance of getting involved with the community. She volunteers at the Veteran Administration Clinic, partly because her husband served in the Vietnam War while in the U.S. Army. “We supply the coffee for the veterans coming into the clinic,” Taylor said. She is also a member of Altrusa International — a service organization doing community projects, such as Operation Read and scholarship pro- grams.