Palestine Magazine January 2019 - Page 28

Mission of faith gives hope to homeless H ope Station remains Palestine’s only agency to provide emer- gency housing — but its real mission is to make a permanent change in people, moving them from depen- dence to independence and self-sufficiency. The services of this private, non-profit are sorely needed in Anderson County. Hope Station, in its current location for three years, started with one man struggling with his Christian faith. For founder and Director Brandon Greene, it was a journey of love and hope — and a desire to move a mountain or two. “I didn’t want to just be inspired, any- more, I wanted to do it,” he said. The Bible, Greene said, is filled with ex- amples of people doing great things by faith. Greene struggled for seven years to move his mountain through faith. “I felt like a bulldozer being used as a pa- per weight,” Greene said. “For seven years I saw nothing. In December 2014, I realized I wasn’t sharing this vision and dream that God had stirred in me. I was afraid to vocal- ize it. “I had to tell people. Once you say some- thing, you have to follow through.” Greene began talking about his mission. He established a board of directors for Hope Station, but he still needed a building. Two months later, in February 2015, the Sanctuary House closed its doors. “I found my way to talk to the director,” Greene said. “At the end of our conversa- tion, he slid the keys over to me and said, ‘you know what, it’s all yours’. Everything we prayed for two months was given to us.” Courtesy photos