Palestine Magazine January 2019 - Page 20

What happened to at-home weddings? L ots of girls dream of big church weddings or ex- otic locations to recite their vows, but whatever happened to jumping the broom at home? My favorite wedding photos, often in black and white, are vintage nuptials of a couple married at the home of their parents. Many times, instead of white, the bride wears her best dress. In almost every spur of the moment at-home wedding, the bride beams. Joy radiates across her face, By contrast, the brides of today look stressed-out and nervous. Many of today’s brides spend their day worrying if ev- erything will go perfectly. Such stress detracts from the joy of one of life’s big moments. Wedding pictures from at-home nuptials show a more intimate affair. No tedious dress rehearsals, just “I do,” “I do,” and “You may kiss the bride.” Family, close friends, and a local preacher surround the bride and groom. No flower girl or ring bearer to take the focus off the bride. Sometimes a special photographer was there; sometimes photos were taken by anyone with a camera. Decorations were kept simple. There was cake, champagne, sometimes a buffet, and dancing. No one had to clamor for a chance to wish the happy couple well. There was plenty of time to spend with every- one. Somehow, it just seems more romantic. Economical, too, perhaps saving enough for a romantic honeymoon, or a nest egg for the start of a new life together. Here are a some tips to help couples navigate at-home weddings. Clean House: Taking the stress off the host par- ents and hire a cleaning service for both the house and the Courtesy photos