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HERE COMES THE BRIDE Facts and figures about Modern Engagements G • • • • • • • • • etting engaged has and always will be a big deal. While marriage proposals are often steeped in tradition, some facts and figures about modern day engage- ments, courtesy of the 2018 Newlywed Report from WeddingWire, show just how much this special moment and all that surrounds it is changing. The pressure to make marriage proposals extraordinary appears to be on the rise, at least for Millennial. Of the nearly 18,000 respondents who shared their stories via WeddingWire’s 2017 Newlywed Survey, 72 percent of Millennials said they feel pres- sured to make their proposals highly unique, while only 45 percent of Gen X respon- dents indicated feeling such pressure. Proposals might be changing, but getting down on one knee appears to be an endur- ing tradition that Millennials plan to keep in style. Eighty-two percent of Millennial indicated they got down on one knee to propose. In addition, the tradition of asking for parents’ blessing also remains popular among Millennials, 72 percent of whom sought such blessings before proposing marriage. The average cost of an engagement ring was $5,000. The pressure to pick out the right engagement ring appears to be subsiding. That’s because 50 percent of survey respondents indicated they picked out the ring together. Married-couple-to-be also appear to like comparison shopping in regard to engage- ment rings. The majority of purchasers looked at between two and seven rings before making a purchase. While online shopping has changed consumer behavior in myriad ways, couples till prefer brink-and-mortar stores when buying engagement rings. Thirty-one percent of purchasers bought rings online, but 63 percent made their purchases in-person at brick-and-mortar stores. Christmas Day is the most popular day to pop the question, followed by Valentine’s Day. Christmas Eve, New Year’s Day and New Year’s Eve round out the top five. How to spread the news of an engagement is perhaps the biggest change surrounding engagements. Engagement parties were once the go-to way to spread the good news, but just one in four couples now have engagement parties. Nowadays, 86 percent of couples spread the news via social media. In fact, 10 percent of parents find out about their children’s engagements via social media. The days of a short engagement seem to be a thing of the past. The average engagement now lasts 13 months, and 28 percent of couples are engaged for 16 months or longer. Story courtesy of METRO CREATIVE Courtesy photos JANUARY 2019 19