Palestine Magazine January 2019 - Page 17

HERE COMES THE BRIDE • • • • • • swag. Consider wearing a sash or T-shirts that state you are the bride. Vendors will often pay special attention to those they know are getting married. They may even offer special swag or deals. Take a camera and a notebook. It’s fun to commemorate your wedding planning. It’s also a great way to record and document what you see and may want to recreate. Pre-register for bridal shows to save time at check-in. Go hungry. Bridal shows typically offer catering vendors giving out samples of food, cakes, beverages, cookies, desserts, and other treats. Register for all the giveaways. From diamond rings to cruises, the biggest bridal show draws are the giveaways. It takes only a couple of minutes to fill out the drawing card that might give you an all-inclusive-paid-for-honeymoon. There is no rule that you must start at the first vendor. If the event is crowded, find a vendor space that is not busy and start there. If an event map of vendors is available, take a pen and mark each vendor you liked and would consider working with. Stay for the fashion show. It will show you some of the newest trends in wedding fashion. It will also enable you to see how dresses move and fit the body. Pick your seats early. The front row fills up fast. JANUARY 2019 17