Palestine Chamber Magazine 2018-2019 - Page 51

49 PA L E S T I N E C H A M B E R.O RG Q A Who in the family started the business? The taqueria was originally my parent’s Idea. My dad has worked in restaurants most of his life (you could say that it’s his true passion.) Q A Why/how was this profes- sion/industry chosen? Our business hasn’t always been so busy. We originally started out with a food truck just the three of us; myself (Sandra), mom (Flor) and dad(Clemente). Working long hours for what seemed like nothing, we stuck with it because my mom was so passionate about it. Taqueria San Luis Q A Tell us how the younger generations got involved. We eventually got the op- portunity to purchase the property instead of renting. So we built a small dining area and kitchen while still working out of the food truck. The kitchen later burned down. When we were closed to rebuild after the fire, I received nonstop calls and messages asking when we would re-open. Since opening has been crazy busy, and little by little we have started hiring people. My brother, Richard, quit working in the oilfield to help out and manage and now we all work together. Q A What is your business phi- losophy? Here you may catch my dad saying “Mantenga Limpio” which he says constantly. It means “maintain cleanliness/ keep clean.” Everything must be clean and orderly while remain- ing consistent and that is some- thing we live by. Q A What does it mean to you as a family to work to- gether? It takes a lot to work to- gether. Everyone has to get along which allows us to build stronger bonds and relationships.