Palestine Chamber Magazine 2018-2019 - Page 41

39 PA L E S T I N E C H A M B E R.O RG Q A Who in the family started the business? (David) My mother, Becky, opened up the Oxbow as an antique store in 2009. To increase foot traffic, she thought it would be a good idea to bake a homemade pie or two and sell by the slice. Well obviously, her idea wasn’t good, it was a great! Q A Why/how was this profes- sion/industry chosen? The food business has been in our blood for generations. My great-grandparents were in the grocery business in Oakwood and Baytown. My grandparents, The Dormans, were in the restau- rant business. Locally, they started the Burger Ranch, now known as “Chips” – (which is named after my dad). They opened Little Mexico on the courthouse square as well as Taco Joe’s and the Big Beefer. My parents started Casa de Lobo, which is where Payless Shoe Store is now. Later on, they bought back Little Mexico (it had been out of the family for a few years) and owned it for many years under the name, Lobo’s Oxbow Bakery Little Mexico. In the 1970’s, my grandmother, Eugenia, opened up the first “Oxbow General Store” on North Jackson Street. She was an avid antique col- lector and unbelievable cook. She sold antiques, deli meats, cheese and sandwiches. Many of the fixtures in her shop are now on display at the bakery. During high school, I worked at Little Mexico learning the family business. After graduating from A&M Univer- sity, I worked in old-fashioned meat markets, BBQ restaurants & catering companies. I’ve also have had several start-up restaurants. Tell us how the younger generations got involved. Q A I was living in the Hill Country and decided to move back to Palestine to help out with the “pie” demand. When I moved back we were baking 15-20 pies a day. Now we are baking between 60-80 pies a day and up to 300 a day during the holiday season. Q What is your business phi- losophy? A You have to be hands-on. . . PERIOD. You have to have a great product, be consistent and understand what your customers want. I believe the ambience and atmosphere plays a huge role in my business. I love hearing guests when they walk in the bakery and say “how cool it looks.” Q A What does it mean to you as a family to work together? You’ve heard the phrase, “never work with your family,” however; it has always worked for our family. In fact, my wife, Breezy, handles all the social media and mar- keting for the bakery. Q A Any predictions/future plans to continue the business for the next generation? My one year old son, Shepard, has spent a lot of time with me at the bakery. I hope he will con- tinue the Wolfe legacy. Q A Favorite business/life quote? Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends.. Walt Disney