Palestine Chamber Magazine 2018-2019 - Page 17

Young Entrepreneur PA L E S T I N E C H A M B E R.O RG 15 Pint and Barrel Drafthouse - Tennyson Keller How did you, personally, develop such a great work ethic and from whom? (Tennyson) I feel I have always had a good work ethic and always wanted to do my best. I have watched the people in my life meet goals they have set for themselves and knew if I worked hard I could do the same. I have watched my father work hard for our family and I see him working even harder now with his business. I feel I have his drive to do my best. Being the oldest of three has made me mature and take on more responsibilities. How did you begin teaching good work habits with your children? would remind her of her goal. We never told her she couldn’t spend her money, it was hers, but that she should watch what she spent. She was always very careful to keep record of anything she spent to make sure she was still on track, and she met her goal. She spent three weeks touring England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales this July, all with her own money. She plans on saving her money now to buy herself a laptop. A goal we are sure she will accomplish. How do these life lessons prepare them for their future? (Allison) Tennyson is expected to show up on time and work her full shift, like everybody else. She does not get special treatment, and we think this has given her a feel for what it’s like to have responsiblities at any future job. She has come to realize that one of those responsibilities is to go to work and work hard to support your fellow employees, and in that you feel a pride for a job well done. Also meeting her small goals now as a teenager, will help her manage her money better later and be able to make the goals she has in place for her adult life. She will grow up with a knowledge of managing money in a way that will ensure she can take care of herself and still be able to have fun with her money. (Allison) When Tennyson started working at the restaurant, we put her on the schedule like every other employee. She has to show up for her shift even when she would rather do something else and we expect her to work hard and fulfill her duties. How do you coach them to handle their money? (Allison) We have our children set monetary goals for themselves and we hold them accountable. For example, our daughter, Tennyson, wanted to go to Ireland with her Aunt Emily, so we told her to save her money and she could go. She saved the money she needed from working at the restaurant. She reached the amount easily by making sure she didn’t spend money frivolously even when she wanted to spend money to go out with friend, or to buy clothes, we Jeffrey Todd Photography