Palestine Chamber Magazine 2018-2019 - Page 13

Young Entrepreneurs PA L E S T I N E C H A M B E R.O RG 11 Bralys Ace Hardware – Sam & Reed Braly How did you, personally, develop such a great work ethic and from whom? • Vicki: I would have to say my mom AND my dad. My mom put herself through college when I was older and I watched her grow in her career. She never stopped until she mastered her goals. I am not sure she ev er slept because somehow she managed to manage her career and be an amazing mom. She taught us kids that if you want it bad enough, it is up to you to make it happen. My dad lived in North Arkansas and bought a Tom’s foods distributing center. I remember my grandparents going to help him build a warehouse for two weeks. And I remember watching him win over many new accounts with honesty and impeccable customer service. In fact, there is no doubt, customer service was the number one way he gained and kept his customers. My Dad’s favorite story about me is the summer he gave my brothers and me each a tray full of chips and snacks to sell around the neighborhood and told us we could keep the profits. My brothers came back complaining and Jeffrey Todd Photography tired and said no one wanted to buy anything. I came back with an empty tray and asked for more! He always said “sales-you must go into sales.”  • Stephen: My grandfather. I worked side-by-side with him sun up to sun down for as long as I can remember. You could always tell who he respected the most -- it always equaled those who worked the hardest. He worked until his body wouldn’t let him! How did you begin teaching good work habits with your children? I think they have watched us work hard to run Braly’s but the lesson is in doing it yourself. The summer of 2014, when Reed was 8 and Sam was 10, we decided we wanted them up at the store with us but they had to have something to keep them busy. They started with a tiny load of watermelons and sold a few that summer. This year, four summers later, they kept the stand open from the first day the Pennington’s released