Palestine Chamber Magazine 2018-2019 - Page 11

I Welcome want to welcome you to Palestine, Texas, where my father is a native son and where I decided to plant myself, once returning to Texas, to be closer to family and build my career. I am married to a local business owner and together, we have immersed ourselves in the culture. In this town, we are surrounded by beautiful architecture that speaks of our rich history. We have an abundance of rolling hills, towering pines, whistling trains and blooming dogwoods. We have increased economic development. However, when asked what I love most about our is the people. It is southern hospitality at its best. Palestine began in 1846 when the town and county was founded. Palestine’s historic district is on the National Register of Historic Places. Downtown Palestine boasts 44 blocks of designated historic Main Street District stretching from the visitor center to the courthouse square. Within this area visitors and residents alike can find many unique opportunities for shop- ping, dining, art, culture, history and special events. As you stroll down each street you will find boutiques catering to locals as well as tourists. For those looking to find a place to eat, Palestine’s Main Street District is the place to explore if you are hungry! Our community is comprised of business minded, service oriented, generous- ly gifted individuals that have a real heart for this city. Palestine is thriving and at the Chamber of Commerce, we are committed to promoting businesses, providing valuable tools for their growth and supporting innovative ideas. We create meaningful opportunities to network with one another and we invest in our youth to help build future leaders for Palestine. If you are looking for opportunities to get more involved, or learn more about what makes our town unique, visit our chamber office. We encourage you to share our passion for Palestine. Respectfully, Michele Merryman Bell Executive Director