PaintballX3 Magazine September 2013 - Page 87

interview from my skateboard, but it meant a lot then and it still does now. The second thing I made, an electronic hopper, was taken apart and used to build more prototypes. think of it in my British accent, but I chose to come and live here (for paintball actually) and I care about the local and national economy more than most. I owe my love of design to my father who was also an engineer and helped get me involved with problem solving and being constructive from a very early age. My love of paintball was actually very intertwined with my career path as I picked courses through my studies, like rapid prototyping, to help me make more paintball stuff. :) When I left Uni versity I went into Design and Concept in the Automotive industry and worked on brands like Land Rover, MG, Mini, Rover, BMW, Ford, Aston Martin, Lincoln, Mercury and Jaguar. Then I ran the UK subsidiary of a multinational CAD/ CAM company and worked on projects for all kinds of companies from Games Workshop to McLaren. Josh: Please name some of the products you’ve designed in paintball and some of the companies you’ve worked for over the years. Simon: Um, that’s quite a list, and I am sure to miss many things. A decent start is to see the patents that are public on things that I have invented. I love doing both the CAD (Computer Aided Design) side of things and the CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) which I guess is why I now have my own CNC machines and machine shop. I bought machinery that was made in the USA and am very proud of the fact that I can put “Made in USA” on the things I am doing. That may sounds strange when you LLX3.COM I actually just signed patent papers from KEE for two more patents that they are working on since I left. The first gun I was involved with was the CNC X-Mag for AGDE, the last gun (that has been released at least by Empire) was the Vanquish. The fun part is that one of the first guns I did was a mag (The X-Mag body styling) and one of the last guns I was involved with before leaving KEE was the Resurrection Autococker. That was a huge deal for me because growing up in the sport it was all about Autocockers and Automags. 87