PaintballX3 Magazine September 2013 - Page 86

interview By Joshua D. Silverman Josh: Full Name, Age, Hometown Simon: Simon Stevens, 38, Sewell New Jersey be 16 to play paintball in England so I had to wait two more years until I could play. While I waited I bought every magazine I could on the subject. So I’ve been involved Josh: How many years playing? Do you still with paintball for 24 years now. I first play? What’s your favorite style of paintplayed on my sixteenth birthday. My birthball? day is always around/during World Cup so Simon: 22 years playing: Absolutely. I am every year I celebrate my birthday at World just heading back from the Vicious Streetball Cup as well as another year of paintball. event as I type this. I love all forms of paint- This World Cup the finals will be played on ball from Stock class to PSP. Probably my the 20th (my birthday) and it will be 22-plus favourite way to play right now though is years that I have been plaing. pump with a good group of people/friends. Josh: How did you get started in your particJosh: What’s your home paintball field? ular field in paintball, product design, engiSimon: I am halfway between TopGun in neering etc? What is your formal training? New Jersey and OXCC in Maryland, but Simon: Last question first, I have an honours I make my home at whichever event I am degree in mechanical engineering and busiplaying. I have always enjoyed EMR and ness management. I first got started making CPX too. Tough to call a specific field my paintball equipment because when I first home field as I love to play at different started playing paintball there was so much fields all around the country. If you catch room for improvement and opportunity to me playing locally it would be Top Gun or modify my equipment with the goal of makOXCC though. ing it better. Also as a student I had no money, so if I wanted something better, making Josh: How did you get your start playing it was one of my few options. I still have the paintball and where was this? very first thing I ever made when I was 16, Simon: I first found out about paintball when a grip frame, sat on my desk where I design I was 14 by reading a magazine on the to remind me where I came from. It’s crude way to school, but unfortunately you had to and rough, made with basic tools and parts 86 PAINTBAL