PaintballX3 Magazine September 2013 - Page 83

mini review We stumbled across Chris and UNDRPRVLGD on Facebook, where he recently began showing off limited, and we do mean LIMITED edition goggle straps. We’re talking ten straps of any single design and they’re gone kind of limited edition. It just doesn’t get any more unique and individualized than that, and the beauty of it is that his goggle straps actually look good, Able to fit practically every goggle in the game that takes a strap with “butterfly” ends, UNDR’s limited edition goggle straps are a great way to individualize a necessary piece of equipment every player needs and show off a little personality in the process. Though the company website may not be up by the time this article hits, it will be soon, and in the mean-time these straps and other UNDRPRVLGD products like beanies, shirts and even hard core playing pants and marker upgrades can be had by finding Chris Rangel on Facebook or contacting him via PBNation at UNDRPRVLGD_V2! LLX3.COM too! From F-22 jet fighters and HIND attack helicopters to operators, snipers and scenes from World War Two naval combat, these goggle straps are a history lesson, or a statement, or something a little racier, and in one case, an honorable tribute to those POW/MIA soldiers that haven’t come home yet. MSRP $25 - $35 83