PaintballX3 Magazine September 2013 - Page 80

interview We are actually in the process of making a short “behind the scenes” look at Planet Eclipse video. I’ll let you see it when it’s done… It’s a pretty cool work environment but it’s still exactly that….Work. We have a job to do I just think we do it in a more relaxed environment that in turn leads to a more creative and fun place to work. We are not practicing commando rolls in the office from day to day as some people might think.. :-) World Cup, I hear we have a new Umbrella ;-) What’s next for you and/or Planet Eclipse? I’d be lying if I said we had a five year plan. We are pushing forward all the time with every aspect from Markers to Clothing to Concepts. We are happy with the direction of Planet and we are weathering this World economy funk pretty well, we are lean and keen and ready for when Paintball blows up again. And we can’t wait for How about giving our readers the scoop on that to happen. something new happening at