PaintballX3 Magazine September 2013 - Page 78

interview Can you talk a bit about the process of developing new products? We try and listen to the playing public to see what it is that they want… We are never going to be able to please everyone but there is no point us making a marker that can shoot 100 Balls Per Second if the firing rate is capped at 12. So that’s one aspect…..Listen. We also look at improving the product in lots of different ways, some that you wouldn’t even appreciate unless you’re a tech. We try and put the same amount of effort and passion into making our latest and greatest advanced Paintball marker as we do into a pair of gloves. We don’t simply come up with an idea and launch it, testing can also take us a long time, it might take us nearly a year 78 just to fully test some products and some product never see the light of day! How and where are Planet Eclipse’s products manufactured, assembled and packaged for sale? All Planet Eclipse Advanced Paintball markers are produced in house, we do not employ any third party to produce any of our markers. EGO, GEO and SL are all produced, tested and packaged in the UK facility. ETHA and ETEK are produced and tested in the Planet Eclipse Taiwan facility, then shipped to Planet Eclipse UK or USA to be re-tested and packaged prior to shipping out to dealers. PAINTBAL