PaintballX3 Magazine September 2013 - Page 71

product review On the field, even early Demons shot smooth, quietly and with very little perceptible “kick” helping to make them extremely accurate. Our test model, through many days of play on every type of paintball field and in practically every weather condition imaginable, shot very well, providing efficient, accurate and quiet shots and a snappy, responsive trigger pull that enabled even semi-automatic rates of fire well in excess of ten shots per second. Consistency over the chronograph was excellent, as with a good paint-to-barrel bore size match we were able to record extremely consistent strings including 285, 285, 286 on more than one occasion. In the summer of 2012, Frank Connell purchased the assets of Vanguard with the LLX3.COM intention of bringing the marker’s production into the USA and taking the company to the next level. Since then Frank has been hustling, making and selling guns with his own two hands and doing all he could to make the Demon a much larger pin on paintball’s map. A large part of this move was releasing a redesigned, springequipped bolt modification for the Demon intended to further improve both the marker’s performance and, most importantly, its reliability. While our test marker was absolutely perfect for over a year, others simply haven’t had that type of luck and Connell and company are convinced this new bolt system upgrade will go a long way towards alleviating those concerns and problems in for both existing and new customers. 71