PaintballX3 Magazine September 2013 - Page 70

product review It’s not often a paintball gun gets more than one review from a single source during its lifetime on the market. Even rarer when a single paintball gun is reviewed closer to three times, but in this case it’s worthy. After a rocky start, the Vanguard Demon came back out blazing and made some cuts in the National Professional Paintball League in the hands of Frank Connell and New England Avalanche. Not long after, Connell, a longtime industry veteran and professional player on numerous successful teams like the Philadelphia Americans and now Avalanche, purchased Vanguard and took over the manufacture of the marker himself. Most recently he and Vanguard announced and then released a redesigned bolt system for the marker that current owners may acquire by sending their Demon in for a refit: a modification that, Connell said, drastically improves performance of the gun. We still had our test Demon laying around so we simply had to find out for ourselves if the new mods were as good as Frank said. Let’s start with what the Vanguard Demon actually is. A spool valve marker originally 70 released by Vanguard, the English company responsible for the Creed marker before it, the Demon was intended to be a next step for the company, offering spool valve accuracy with increased air efficiency. Picked up by sponsored NPPL professional team New England Avalanche led by Frank Connell, the team carried the marker to a few competitive finishes, showing that it had the ability to run with the big dogs. Our early reviews of the marker showed it to be light, accurate, fast and impressively efficient. Cut from light but durable aluminum, the marker offered, and still offers, plenty of features including an Autococker threaded barrel kit with plenty of ports, a lever-clamping vertical feed neck, hose-less operation, an on/off bottle adapter, .45 grip frame with wrap-around rubber grips, an adjustable blade double trigger, OLED screen and a rechargeable battery. The Demon is extremely lightweight at just under two pounds with a barrel threaded, and has the ability to remain extremely light as it is efficient enough to be used with a small, lightweight air bottle like a 45 cubic inch, 4500psi model and still provide plenty of shots. PAINTBAL