PaintballX3 Magazine September 2013 - Page 66

TOURNAMENT Wildcard/Honorable Mention – Chicago Aftershock – You can’t write a list of teams that might win World Cup without putting Aftershock on it, no matter how their season’s going or what the team might be up to. Why? Because Aftershock and World Cup have been mentioned in the same breath for years. Since the old days of ten-man on wooded fields and Hyperball pipe, Aftershock has been a feared force to be reckoned-with and racked up the most 66 impressive list of World Cup wins ever. Their World Cup legend is undeniable so while they may be enduring a rebuilding season of battles in the Challenger’s division that sees them ranked sixteenth in the world with a twelfth place as their highest score, a healthy dose of legendary World Cup spirituality is something that could fill the team’s sails and power them to historic accomplishments. Whether it does or not, show some dang respect. PAINTBALLX3.COM