PaintballX3 Magazine September 2013 - Page 64

TOURNAMENT 5. Los Angeles Infamous – Infamous hasn’t exactly enjoyed the success they had in 2012, but they haven’t been relegated to the Challenger’s division either. After two seventh place finishes, an eighth place finish and a season-best bronze medal to start off the year, you can bet Infamous is hungry for better and if their experience and talent-stacked roster that includes Travis Lemanski, Nicky Cuba, Damian Ryan, Bobby Aviles, Kevin Rudolph, Brad McCurley and Drew Templeton get just angry enough, their heart alone could be enough to power the Empire Vanquish-shooting team through some of the best in the world and back to the top of the podium for a legendary World Cup win. Every player on the team has the resume to make it happen. 64 PAINTBAL