PaintballX3 Magazine September 2013 - Page 61

TOURNAMENT 2. Dynasty – Getting the easy pick out of the way in the number two slot is current PSP series points leader, Dynasty. They have that whole “most successful team in the history of anything ever” thing going for them too. Dynasty added two gold trophies to their already overflowing trophy case at the first two events of the 2013 PSP season, though since then they’ve been forced to settle for a silver trophy and a disappointing fifth place finish at the West Coast Open. Dynasty’s roster is a who’s-who of professional paintball, with legends like Oliver Lang and Ryan Greenspan sharing the field time with Kyle Spicka and Tyler Harmon. Though their 2013 season has tapered off since their back-to-back wins early on, the Eclipse-shooting, HK-wearing boys in blue have proven time and again that beating them just makes them mad, and that they must be considered a favorite at any event they show up for. To cap off a season they started in dominating fashion and seal the deal on a series points victory with a win at World Cup is just like something Dynasty would do. LLX3.COM 61