PaintballX3 Magazine September 2013 - Page 17

bored shorts r anything interestng to share? Email us here. bORED sHORTS AKALMP Is For Sale AKA(LMP) is considered by many to be one of the best small, family-run businesses in the game of paintball. An illness to one of the owners has put the company in a position of wanting to sell. Interested parties should click HERE. “Soldiers of Paint” — New Paintball Film! Now available is the feature film about “Oklahoma D-Day”, one of the largest scenario paintball games in the world. The film follows 4,000 participants as they restage D-Day, the notorious 6th of June invasion of Normandy. Instead of bullets, it’s paintball; instead of the French coast, it’s Oklahoma. And, every year, it’s any man’s game, which means the Germans could win! Staged on a 700-acre battlefield owned by the grandson of a veteran of Omaha Beach, this yearly battle of paint is fought as a tribute to all veterans. These paintball soldiers take “gung ho” to an alltime high, utilizing real tanks and airplanes for this epic fight. Check out the trailer. PaintballX3 Euro, New Issue, Live & Free If you missed the August issue of PaintballX3 Euro, please check it out HERE. The 118 page issue features tournament coverage from all over Europe, as well as interviews, new products and more. 17