PaintballX3 Magazine September 2013 - Page 16

bored shorts Do you have news, rumors, or STAFF REPORT bORED sHORTS “F or Those With Short Attention Spans” HK’s KLR Goggle System We’ve been hearing for a while that HK Army was going to release a goggle system at the PSP World Cup and the rumors appear to be true. Check out HK’s teaser video on the KLR Goggle System. T eam USA Wins the Nations Cup One of the most anticipated events of the tournament season each year is the Millennium Series Nations Cup, held in conjunction with the league’s final event. This year teams from more than twenty countries competed for a shot to be crowned Nations Cup Champions. In the end it was Team USE besting Team Great Britain to take the crown for 2013. We’ll have a full Nations Cup report in the next issue of PaintballX3 Euro Magazine. KEE Acquires Kingman/Spyder? We’ve been hearing rumors for more than two year that Kingman/Spyder was up for sale. We are now hearing from what we deem a reliable source that Kingman/ Spyder has indeed been acquired by KEE Action Sports, the parent company of Empire Paintball, JT and others. 16 paintbal