PaintballX3 Magazine September 2013 - Page 12

new product Valken MI-9 Goggles Valken has just announced the release of their new Annex MI-9 Goggle System. The MI-9 Goggles will be available in mid October and is the newest member to the Annex MI series. The MI-9 goggle will be similar to the previous Annex goggle, but will feature a more flexible rubber bottom. We’ll have a full review of the MI-9 Goggles in the November issue of PaintballX3 Magazine. GI Sportz Pulse RDR Hopper This is the time of year when many companies in paintball release “sneak previews” of their upcoming new products--just ahead of the PSP World Cup. So in that spirit not a lot is known yet about the Pulse RDR except that it looks sweet and is said to have some great anti-jam features. We’ll have more info on the Pulse RDR soon. Planet Eclipse Women’s Hoodies They say a picture (or two) is worth a thousand words... 12 paintbal