PaintballX3 Magazine September 2013 - Page 11

editorial and firefighter baseball caps during their 9/11 game this week. MLB said “no,” stating they didn’t want to set a precedent for others to ask for this privilege. Then MLB allowed the teams to wear the hats during batting practice, not the game. It was later revealed that the MLB hat makers put pressure on the league to disallow the “unofficial merchandise” from being worn. Translation: The hat makers didn’t want to give up one night of having their product placed in front of the buying public. nthe ds us? s nts e- right... they are donating a whopping 10 percent, or .91 cents of every sale. You want to commemorate 9/11? Sell the wine and donate 100 percent of the money to the charity. Otherwise your attempt to exploit a trag ??????????????()Q???1?????????? ?????????5???????)0?$??1????%????????????????????????????????????????????????)??????????5??????? ??????????5??????????????????5??????? ?????????? ??????????)???9???????M?????????5???????????5?????e??????????????()Q?????????????????????????????)???????????????????????????)?????????()!?????????????1?1??????q9???????t?Q???????????????=?)P?S?e??q9???????t????????????)?????????????????????]???????+?q9???????????t??-????e???????????????P?S?e??????????()Q???????????????))?????????()????A??????)A???????`??11 ()???)?()??)????()???????((??((0