PaintballX3 Magazine PaintballX3, November 2012 - Page 66

The Game They David Seybold Played: By Excerpts from the Introduction Today, it is called Paintball, an around the world. This, how a book about how a weeke morphed into the third most treme sport in the United St in-line skating and skateboa global industry worth many dollars annually. In fact, the plays a secondary role to its the men who played in the with them. It is a book abo nostalgia, playfulness, com camaraderie, and serendipit every so often these elemen es to create something com expected. It is the first book detail the genesis of the gam the- scenes look at the first in team games played, and the vented it. The Game They Played is the story of three men: Charles Gaines, Robert Gurnsey and Hayes Noel, and the game they created as a weekend amusement for themselves and their friends. They called their game THE SURVIVAL GAME, a hybridized version of Capture the Flag enriched with aspects of The Most Dangerous Game, and it was invented in New Hampshire in 1981. Much of what has been writt origin of Paintball (and the much) is inaccurate and inco I know because as a neighbo ing companion of Gaines a (Gaines had also contribute thologies, and Gurnsey was my first marriage) since the e was present at many of the sions regarding the premise I was also one of the quadra that first individual game, an men who laid out the first pla Henniker (NH). I even co-auth ficial National Survival Game The first two games played a important in Paintball his are also the most asked ab