PaintballX3 Magazine PaintballX3, November 2012 - Page 61

tournaments. It was a lot of work running a team but it was a labor of love. I even got my wife to play! We had team meetings, practices, monthly dues, bought a chrono, air supply etc., and even had Christmas parties. We quickly built a reputation for fair play, great personnel and fierce competition. I led the team for 8 years from 1986 to 1994 and have many great memories. Unfortunately a series of events began to occur. I became unemployed for 3 long years and money was tight. My two daughters were growing up fast, and my priorities had changed. I also began to burn out. It was then I handed the reins over to Silvio Conte. I haven`t played since then, but often get the urge. Actually I don`t relish the thoughts of some young dude lighting me up with 50 paintballs from a $1000.00 plus rig. I`m old and gimpy now and would just be cannon fodder. I thank all of you for the great friendships and memories! Butch, what type of documentation do you have regarding the founding of the team? Mostly pictures, but as it turns out on the original team there was someone dedicated as a team "scribe" - his job was to document events, rosters, the opponents we played and even the final scores. What events has the team played in? Everything from the AM Open, Splat 1 National Indoor Championships (in Knoxville), SkyBall, early NPPLs, PSP, NEPL/NEXL, and GPL (which we