PaintballX3 Magazine PaintballX3, November 2012 - Page 60

An Interview With Butch Montoya, owner, Section 8 Paintball Team. By John Amodea It’s not often that you find a paintball team that has been together for 27 years—and one that has the pictures to prove it. Section 8 has been one New England’s thriving paintball teams since 1985, playing tournament paintball under the same team name for nearly three decades. I recently caught up with the team’s owner, Butch Montoya to ask about the team’s history, background, and future. Butch, are you the captain of Section 8? I am the owner of the team. I was the Captain from 1999 to 2008 and after 2008 my son Anthony (a/k/a Twan) has been running the team. What is the history of the team? David Riley founded the team in the 80s. He sent me this text for your readers: The Section 8 paintball team has roots going back to 1985. I actually used enamel paint for one of those first games... pass the turpentine please Myself and a few of us played several games and were hooked. The problem was we wanted to play regularly and nobody wanted to organize games. So I decided to take charge. For the next few years we played mostly with RI Paintball at several locations. The team name came about during a conversation between myself and Chuck Shapazian in 1987. The name fit us to a "T." We now had many good, dedicated players and decided to start doing