PaintballX3 Magazine PaintballX3, November 2012 - Page 51

in Centralia with a score of 25-18-11, Blue Survivors trailing. With three Missions remaining, the Blue Survivors succumbed to their only hope - they recruited the support of zombies… and became “infected”! Mission 5 - Blood Harvest The foot race to harvest blood, organs and tissue from a fresh corpse was won by brothers Devon and Shawn Leoni of the Blue Survivors. They completed the objective over several tense minutes and barely escaped enemy fire peppering their position. Infecteds, opposite to both teams of survivors, collected body parts along the length of the creekbed and honored the new unholy alliance with Blue Survivors. Not far from the creek bed, another battle raged over a truck trailer loaded with supplies. Red Survivors initially claimed the objective, but were eliminated by roving Infecteds in the “Deathmobile” tank – which, despite the unholy truce, fired upon Blue allies as well. Blue Survivors moved their anti-tank crew into range and took out the “Deathmobile” with two shots – it was long range and the first shot fell short. Blue quickly swarmed in to assume ownership of the supplies – led by none other than… the Leoni brothers! They held on for over eleven and a half minutes. Three charges and several valiant eliminations later, they were ousted by Red who managed a total of over sixteen minutes on the objective. The unholy alliance was on the move, Infecteds trailed Red by one point and Blue doubled their floundering score putting them back in the game. Mission 6 - Death Toll This mission defined the “Coffin Run” of 2012. Each year Mission Masters affectionately includes an objective that calls for locating and transporting the dreaded Coffin to a predetermined location and defending it. A new twist on the concept this year included a combination lock and deciphering puzzle to overcome before the Coffin could be moved. Oh, and there was very little cover near the pond where the Coffin waited to “claim lives”! Mission 6 objectives were dominated by Blue, advancing them to a TIE with Red! Meanwhile, the Infecteds took the lead for the first time of the day - by a mere one point! The unholy alliance made unholy progress!