PaintballX3 Magazine PaintballX3, November 2012 - Page 50

Mission 3 -Hell's Bells My personal favorite Mission of the day! The bell at St. Ignatius Church – the Tower Bunker in the center of the field –began ringing to suggest a distress signal of some sort… or not. In any case the noise was attracting Infecteds and both Survivor Teams shared an objective to silence the bell – simple, right? Not if Mission Masters has anything to do with it. Two zombies, Scott Brettell & Neil Bulman - despite the deafening and incessant bell toll killing verbal communication - somehow managed to prevent both teams of Survivors from getting any advantage near the Church, let alone locate and discover how to silence the objective. At the first respawn period, both Survivor teams received intel – clues to a toggle switch puzzle to silence the bell -. Reinforcements from all three teams joined the fray around the Church and eventually the Red Survivors gained access to the Bell and correctly solved the toggle combination. I believe everyone’s ears were still ringing after the bell stopped! Incredibly, all three teams had players in and around the Church Tower into the final minutes changing the Flag for score – won by the Infecteds and help from a “Demon” character. Mission 4 - De-Generate Two players of each Survivor team started on opposing sides of the Bull’s Head Tavern, that largest bunker on the TRP field. Blue and Red stormed into position outside this fortresslike bunker under a wild exchange of paint. Infecteds closed in on one side, but were kept at distance by the ongoing power struggle between Survivors. Christopher Murray, team captain of Flashpoint Ops and Red Survivor, successfully made three trips to deliver fuel to a generator inside the Bull’s Head Tavern before it was completely overrun by Infecteds. The Mission Masters Team knew (from past experience with 3-team formats) that an unholy alliance was likely to occur when it was clear at least one team fell behind on points. Though Mission Masters does not condone alliances between factions, we don’t believe it’s in our best interest to thwart the natural selection and balance on the field - all consequences are up to the players. In my opinion, one of the greatest rewards of scenario production, is never knowing how things will unfold and resolve on the battlefield. By now, the Red Survivors had proven their mettle as the dominant presence