PaintballX3 Magazine PaintballX3, November 2012 - Page 47

Misson 2 - Mine or Yours? Survivors battled over the zombie-infested Buck Mountain Mine and Mining Office searching for anything to help their ill-fated situation. Survivor teams overran the Infecteds and clashed over these bunkers dealing a two-way hailstorm of paint. Nearly half of the mission time expired before anyone successfully entered the Mining Office bunker to gather pieces of a map. The upright Flag at the Mine had already seen colors of all three teams. Around this time, smoke from the “mine fires” turned an already crazy battle upside down. Brandon McCaslin of the Red Survivors and teammates rallied to find and build the map objective under very heavy fire, losing a number of key defenders over the duration. When he finished the puzzle, he noted, through the smoke, the nearby Buck Mountain Mine was occupied by Blue Survivors and flying a blue flag after yet another cycle of red and blue flag changes. In the last minute, Brandon and his squad charged to the outer wall of the Mine and amazingly eliminated four Blue Survivors inside with pointblank exchanges and barrel tags. He dashed to remove the blue flag as the final seconds ticked down. The blue flag fell but not another moment to install the red flag that lay only feet away. Who would have guessed there would be no score in the aftermath of the Mine battle?