PaintballX3 Magazine PaintballX3 Euro, November 2012 - Page 41

Some were off to celebrate their trophies while others were heading back to pack and go home. The Millennium Series left all with a sense of hope for the next season and a sense of anticipation of where we would land for the first event next season and when the dates would be released. Rumors have it that there would be five events in 2013. After the end of last season the 2012 season dates and venues were announced in December giving way to many other series to be able to set their dates. We can only hope that the Millennium will repeat this in December. Overall Series Champions CPL Art Chaos Moscow San Diego Dynasty Toulouse TonTons SPL Vision Maresielle Polar Bears Tarko Sale Dogs D’ Amor D1 Izmir Collision ML Kings Prague RMG Bratislava D2 Aggression the Hague Scorpions Milano NPP Valenciennes D3 GFY Evolution Paris 2 GFY Evolution Paris Maxs Family Frankfurt 2