PaintballX3 Magazine Paintball X3 Magazine June 2012 Issue - Page 96

For this monthís issue I would like to touch on general tank regulator maintenance. What a lot of players do not realize is there are multiple o-rings inside of tank regulators that need to be maintained, just like the o-rings inside of your marker. Just like an oil change on a vehicle, a little preventative maintenance can go a long way to help avoid problems such as blown burst disks, leaks, pressure creep, and pressure spikes. If your regulator is leaking or blows a burst disk, itís the regulators way of saying it has a problem inside that needs to be taken care of. What I recommend to people using a user-serviceable regulator is every 4-6 months, open up your regulator and wipe down the inside of the regulator body and the inside of the bonnet (top part of the regulator) with a non-abrasive cloth, wipe down all of the internal parts such as the piston, springs, pin valve, pin valve spring, and any other parts found inside. After you have cleaned all of the parts and inside of your regulator, now itís time to inspect and re-lube your o-rings. Just like on a bolt in a marker, you have to keep your o-rings lubricated or the lube can break down over time, causing leaks. You donít need to keep your o-rings freshly lubed nearly as often as your bolt but itís something that you do need to take care of every 4-6 months. As long as the o-rings inside of your regulator are still good, I would recommend following your manufacturerís recommendation on which type of lube you should use on their o-rings. I cannot stress this part enough - NEVER USE GUN OIL IN ANY CIRCUMSTANCE, ON A HIGH PRESSURE TANK REGULATOR. If you use gun oil to try and fix leaks or lubricate a High Pressure Air Regulator, you could have a potential high-risk situation where the regulator or tank could ignite and explode. Again, make sure to consult with your tank regulatorís manual to see which type of lube the manufacturer recommends. Different types of lube will have different effects on certain o-rings so you need to make sure to use the correct one for your application.Follow these preventative maintenance measures and your HPA Tank Regulator should continue to work just like it did TECH SPEAK Basic Regulator Maintenance "...Different types of lube will have different effects on certain o-rings so you need to make sure to use the correct one for your application...."By Rob Leary