PaintballX3 Magazine Paintball X3 Magazine June 2012 Issue - Page 86

Jared “Snake” Thomas Unit Vice-Commander Texas Light Infantry MilSim Scenario Team Not everyone believes strategy plays a role in scenario paintball. I have heard arguments that scenario is strictly a game of tactics. Some of this comes from the U.S. Department of Defense’s denition of strategy. Firmly rooted in Clausewitzian philosophy, with the Nation State as the foundation of all military thinking, the U.S. military denes strategy as the set of ideas that guide a nation’s use of its assets in the administration of “national or multinational objectives”. This is conceived to include not only the employment of military assets such as naval ships and armored columns, but the entirety of the nation’s industrial, nancial, and political in- frastructure. Clearly, the DOD is thinking bigger than a paintball scenario. This is not, however, the classic denition of strategy, but rather that of Grand Strategy. Strategy is usually conceived as a high-level, creative, even artistic, idea of how to employ military assets for the purpose of accomplishing military goals. Tactics, on the other hand, is the low-level, pra ctical methods by which the strategy is carried out by specic military units. Another reason paintballers wave o any discussion of scenario strategy is the fact that most players are not highly trained soldiers, well-versed in military thinking, regi-mented and ready to carry out their command-er’s orders. I agree that organizing paintballers is like herding cats. I blame much of this on bad habits learned from playing too much rec. ball and rst person shooter video games. In both of these, the individual player is mostly con-cerned with himself and gives little thought to coordinating with dozens or hundreds of other players, let alone taking orders from some com-mander. “Speed and flanking are so overused that only a com- pletely inept General will not have already negated their effectiveness with his own plans.” But I do not believe this is the unchangeable nature of the sport; it’s simply the way we al- low things to be. If more players believed that Brieng, Quest for the Grail, TXR Paintball, April 2012