PaintballX3 Magazine Paintball X3 Magazine June 2012 Issue - Page 81

X3: Do you find it difficult to balance your life in paintball and life and relationships outside paintball? BB: Not really, I have a pretty awesome girlfriend who supports me and likes paintball, but I know I canít put paintball first forever, so I plan to do it while I can and continue to go to school and focus on real life things as well. X3: Aside from paintball, what do you currently do (i.e. work, school, etc.)? BB: I am going to school now studying business. X3: How do you prepare for a tournament? And do you have a regular workout regimen? BB: I usually try to eat healthy for the week, and drink a lot of water. I focus on the field layouts and try to get every shot down. I think itís very important to be prepared and not knowing your shots is no excuse. X3: A lot of professional players get the opportunity to travel all over the world, what are some of your favorite places youíve been able to travel to due to paintball and why? BB: South Africa was amazing I got to see a lot of cool animals and some nice caves. I have been all over South America, and I must say Brazil is one of the most beautiful places in the world, and the beaches are out of this world! X3: Youíre currently playing with XFactor, how do you feel the 2012 season is going so far for the team? BB: So far itís going well. Every event we have been improving and I feel as if we are very close to winning an event. X3: This season XFactor is playing both NPPL and PSP, are you also trying to play any events outside the US? BB: Yes, I play Millennium with Ramstein Instinct. We just placed 3d in Germany. I am also playing the CXBL in Canada with Lockdown. Iím sure Iíll make a few appearances in South American this year as well. An Interview With Billy Bernacchia By Lucretia Ranere