PaintballX3 Magazine Paintball X3 Magazine June 2012 Issue - Page 80

X3: How long have you been in paintball and how were you introduced to it? BB: I have been playing paintball since 2001; I first got a paintball gun as a gift from my father and played behind my house in the woods with the neighborhood kids. X3: What was the path that led you to pro (i.e. teams and detailed history)? BB: I played my first national tournament in 2003. While playing with Hoganís Alley in Division 1, we had a few NE Hurricanes playing with us. I became good friends with them and they invited me to a practice where I was picked up to play NPPL Tampa in 2005. After back an forth battles in D1 against Docís Raiders, Doc approached me about playing with him and making a pro team call the Miami Raiders. I accepted and played for Doc until 2008, and then I went back to the Hurricanes with 4 top 4 finishes. After the Canes dropped out of 7-man and made the change to Xball, I joined Avalanche to continue playing in the NPPL. I stayed with them through the 2011 season.The ĎCanes left Pro in 2011 and I played for San Diego Dynasty, a team I had been looking up to for my whole career, it was an amazing experience and learning opportunity. X3: What is your favorite paintball memory and your favorite tournament? BB: 2004 World Cup was my favorite. Hoganís Alley and I won the World Cup; a team from Connecticut who I grew up with had worked so hard for this win and achieved it. It was by far the best feeling to have. X3: Who do you feel has been the most influential in your paintball career? BB: All of my friends who I started playing with. X3: Do you have other players you look up to or admire? BB: I always liked to watch Angel Fragoza play, I think he was one of the best snake players in the world and I always wanted to play like him when I was a kid. X3: What do you feel your best season has been to date? BB: 2008 NPPL with the NE Hurricanes X3: What do you do during the off- season? BB: Snowboard, go to school, work out, play paintball for fun. An Interview With Billy Bernacchia By Lucretia Ranere