PaintballX3 Magazine Paintball X3 Magazine June 2012 Issue - Page 74

Division 3 and 4 played their preliminary games on Saturday, which as mentioned was cold and rainy and then moved onto their nals Sunday which also brought some welcomed warm, sunny socal weather. Division 3 saw Marine Team Alpha, Team CP A Squad, Raw Material and San Diego Ravage moving into nals together. The Marines are consistently on the podium, not only at the RPL but also the D-League and NPPL and once again they took rst at this one, followed closely by Team CP A Squad and San Diego Ravage in third and Raw Material in fourth. I must confess watching Raw Material and knowing that they have worked so hard and improved greatly since they started I wouldn’t be surprised if we see them progressing up the rank s in the coming events. Division 4 nals had NBK, another RPL favorite, Team RIP Alpha, Snicklefritz and Team Mob. And just a note about Team Mob, they have a great father/daughter combo on their team and by no means does the daughter go out and play like a girl (so to speak), she is playing mid/front and mixing it up with the best of them. NBK ended up taking rst on the podium with Snicklefritz in second, Team Mob in third and Team RIP Alpha bringing up the rear in fourth.