PaintballX3 Magazine Paintball X3 Magazine June 2012 Issue - Page 72

This event brought 40 teams out to compete at Camp Pendleton, which included the Marine Intramural division which played its preliminary fames and nals on Friday. It also included the fast growing Young Guns division and I cannot say it enough it is so awesome to see that new young players are being introduced to the world of tournament paintball. When I rst started shooting paintball 6 years ago it seemed there was a young guns tournament every weekend at ev- ery eld in Northern California and then, well, not so much. But, it seems that this division will be what the tournament world needs to continue growing and you never know which one of these young players will be the next big superstar. As mentioned, the Marine Intramural division competed on Friday and brought 20 Marine Teams to the eld. Itís always interesting to watch the active duty players on the eld and imagining them in the real life scenarios that they face daily while defending and protecting our country. The competition was tough but HUH! took rst place followed by Yau Yas in second, Dirty Five in third and Bushwackers in fourth. And I donít believe that fourth place team has any association to the old Bushwackers that we all knew from NPPL and PSP.