PaintballX3 Magazine Paintball X3 Magazine June 2012 Issue - Page 45

these are athletes we’re talking about) who forget to hydrate. It’s so simple, when you’re sweating that much you need to replenish your body, but once again we saw a number of play- ers down due to heat exhaus- tion. All right, there it is, my you must drink water and hydrate yourself speech and now I’ll step o my proverbial soapbox and move on to the actual event. The event this year brought even more teams than last year in Chicago, which is awesome, that’s what we want to keep seeing, more and more teams playing the events and support-ing the industry. And there was an ample amount of vendors to peruse between games, Em-pire, Valken, Dye, Raza Paintball, Ninja, Understood and Custom Products to name a few. It was nice to see two of the large PSP vendors making a showing at an NPPL. The VIP sponsor at this event was Tilted Kilt, for those of you who aren’t familiar with the establishment the female serv-ers are all adorned in little kilts and little white tops, knee high socks looking much like the “lit-tle school girl” but in a very adult fashion. The Tilted Kilt ladies kept the people who were in VIP fed and hydrated. The Tilted Kilt also has their male servers in kilts and some of the Pro play-ers were guest bartenders at the Bolingbrook Tilted Kilt for the player’s party…nothing like see-ing Frank Connell and Damian Ryan in kilts! And speaking of Damian Ryan, he also took place in this year’s NPPL Bikini Contest and I for one am highly disap-pointed that he didn’t win in his mankini!Also, with Living Legends be-ing held the same weekend at CPX players were able to jump on the scenario side and give that a good run. I think anytime the two sides of paintball can coexist at one event just helps expose more players to all as-pects of the game and industry. CPX was an outstanding host for the event, they went out of their way to be a great host eld and make sure everyone had a great event.As per in Huntington Beach, the new format kept the action go-ing non-stop and so much paint ying. Which is a good time to mention, and not sure why ex-actly, but I have never been shot