PaintballX3 Magazine Paintball X3 Magazine June 2012 Issue - Page 30

The CPX playing eld was ar- rayed well for Living Legends V, allowing gunghters and more tournament-oriented players to nd airball bunkers or the town to play in, while the “creepy crawlers” and scenario operators could dis- appear into the thick woods and snipe, ank, ambush and maneu- ver at will. By the time it was all said and done Sunday afternoon, Living Legends V had been nothing short of a remarkable paintball event. Those who came for the paintball had plenty of it, at a playing eld like nothing else in the world, while those who came for the party atmosphere and chance to enjoy a weekend amongst friends from around the globe had plenty of that as well. The surprise came while Viper himself was on stage thanking everyone from the outstanding CPX referee sta to the players and sponsors for the event, when the time came to announce the scores. Viper announced a few scores, then that the Empire, un- der the command of Steven “Pret- ty Lou” Ruiz, had won the game. Cheers erupted and the victorious team celebrated, but it wasn’t to last. Not long after the game’s end, it came to light that scor- ing errors led Viper to announce that the wrong team had won the game- indeed, the numbers gave the victory to Kerstetter and the Horde. Viper immediately contact- ed the Generals, made a public announcement and an apology.