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Kingman/Spyder has been making aordable paintball markers since the early 1990s. Since the original Spyder mechani- cal semiautomatic marker was released almost 20 years ago Kingman/Spyder has pro- duced dozens of markers in all shapes, sizes, price ranges, genres, and styles. The new MR 100 Pro “military style” marker is packed full of fea- tures and at an MSRP of under $150, it’s priced to meet the needs of almost any paintball player. First Look The Spyder MR 100 Pro is manufactured from a variety of materials. The main body (upper receiver) is manufac- tured from hard anodized aluminum. The marker comes with a matte nish. This dark olive color marker we are re- viewing has a perfect woods- ball nish in that the matte n- ish does not reect sunlight. The Picatinny rail, hand-grips, lower frame, fore-grip, ASA, and barrel also have a non-re- ective matte black nish. The feed neck and lower frame are manufactured from an impact resistant Polymer. The Spyder MR 100 Pro comes with Spyder’s patent-pending Eko Valve System, which re-portedly will net you 1600 shots from a 20 ounce C02 tank (see test results). The MR 100 Pro also features a dou-ble-nger trigger, high impact Polymer clamping feed neck, side Picatinny rail, top cock-ing design, vertical fore-grip, ball detent, and steel braided hose. Field Test With a case of fresh paint in hand we headed into the woods to do some simple test- ing. First up we bench mount- ed the MR100 Pro and shot 50 rounds at a 20” x 20” tar- get placed 125 feet from the marker’s barrel. After sighting in the gun we red 50 rounds and hit the mark 36 times, with several very near misses. At 100 feet we hit the mark 43 times (50 shots). And at 75 feet we hit the mark 49 times. Next we red the MR 100 Pro over the chronograph and out of the box it red a string aver-aging 265 FPS. We dialed it up to 285 and red this ten round string: 286 FPS, 284, 284, 289, 285, 284, 288, 287, 290, and 285. During testing we red a total of 1588 shots, all from one full 20 ounce C02 tank.All in all the Spyder MR 100 Pro performed nicely. We en-countered no glitches whatso-ever using the marker straight out of the box. If you’re in the market for a nice entry-level marker, check out the Spyder MR 100 Pro. New from Kingman/Spyder Review Staff Report Spyder MR 100 Pro