PaintballX3 Magazine July 2012 - Page 49

There wasn’t much else that we could do. Weekends had become long and boring. As summer came on we knew that there was nowhere exciting to go play weekend rec ball. The other fields in the northern Vermont area had simply become stagnant. It almost seemed as though paintball in the state of Vermont was nearing its end. For us to go to a good scenario game, speedball game, or even just some rec ball at a good field usually meant traveling out of state. And if you have lived in Vermont or New England for any length of time, that usually means you are driving at least two hours. With the economy so tight, it wasn’t really an enticing option. As a writer and photographer it left me with no other option but to drive several hours. About two weeks into April that all changed. About middle of the day around or about the second week of April a Facebook notification came across my phone, an invite… “No big deal, “ I thought, “I will check it out later.” Fortunately, I didn’t wait long. I was shocked when I saw it, my reaction: “No way…” The invite included an interesting advertisement. As I read across the top “Grand Opening, Saturday May 12 and Sunday May 13, Final Stand Paintball.” Immediately I got on the phone with my good friends Eric Engler and Tyler “Tygur” Gurdak to confirm this surreal vision. Not only was it true, they were both going and had been the ones to set up the “Facebook Event” and were spreading word. I had to go check it out. This could be the second chance at life for paintball in Vermont! I immediately started making arrangements to ensure I could be there. Before I knew it, it was Saturday morning and I was loading up to meet Engler at his house in Jeffersonville. He was only a short drive from where the field was located in Sheldon. Engler being the man he is had spent a lot of his own time helping the new field get on their feet. At around 830 we finally made it to the field, of course we were running a little late after Eric made his fair share of wrong turns. Eric and I began setting his booth up so he could display some of his cool customs. Shortly after our arrival Ryan “T-Bo” Thibault and his friend Chris Smith, both of Vermont team “Dawn Patrol,” and residents of the St. Albans Area arrived. Being the opening day, and still expecting a couple of hours before more players would arrive the field staff along with part owners Jim Bovat, and his sons Schyler and Trevor were running about trying to square away the final details. Engler, myself, and the other early birds jumped right in to make sure everything was set up. A short while later, while T-Bo and Engler were giving the new ref’s and field staff the training and safety brief, more players began to trickle in. One of whom was good friend and fellow team mate, Tyler “Tygur” Gurdak of Vermont “Team Dogs of War.” Tygur was also there with his dad, a resident of the Colchester area. Next we took the long climb up the hill from the parking lot. Jim and Family had just finished the spectacular stair case. Then the windy trail to the air shack. Not only was there paintball to be had but also delicious barbb-que. Trevor, with past experience in catering, had whipped together some great food. The food was free with your registration. I was starting to wonder if the day could possibly get any better! And it was about to… As more players arrived we got onto the field around noon an much to our surprise we found an exciting woods ball course buried up on this mountain. A winding road, about 1/10th of a mile in length took you through an array of buildings and bunkers, including barrels and wooden that looked like military gun transport crates. There was no shortage of routes to take, bunkers to hide behind or places to get a shot off. All of this was built within the awesome natural terrain of northern Vermont. This meant that every step of the way you and your side were