PaintballX3 Magazine July 2012 - Page 39

In the quarterfinals Top Gun Union, a very strong team that played less than stellar in the prelims, would surprise many by beating the undefeated Fuzion, sending them home earlier than they hoped for. RNT All Stars beat Wolfpack 4-0, and Texas Storm and Grad Moscow each won 5-1 games to move onto the semifinals. In the next round Grad Moscow put a beat-down on Topgun Union 5-0. RNT All Stars pulled out a very hard-fought win against the previously undefeated Texas Storm 4-3. This set up a final round matchup of Grad Moscow versus RNT All Stars. Grad Moscow, many people’s pick for the next great team to hit the pro division, came out fast and furious. Their speed and aggressive play pushed back RNT All Stars point after point and in the end it would be an easy 4-1 victory for Grad Moscow. Topgun Union beat Texas Storm in the consolation game 2-1 to claim third place. In Division Two Revo came in red hot with a first place finish in Phoenix and a second place finish in Galveston Island. So when Revo went 4-0 in the preliminary rounds no one was shocked, even though they were the only undefeated team in the prelims. Scottsdale Elevation came into this event ranked second in Division Two and as this game would have it, their only preliminary round loss was to Revo in Chicago. In the quarterfinals it was the fourth ranked Boom beating Collision 4-3 and the third ranked crushing the NCPA All Stars 5-0. Scottsdale Elevation, the league’s second ranked Division Two team then leveled Boom 5-0 in the semifinals. then surprised Boom 3-2. In the finals it was again playing some great close-game ball, beating a really strong Scottsdale Elevation 4-3 to take first place. Boom speed-bumped Revo to win the consolation game. In Division Three Revo II came to play, winning all of their preliminary round games and never looking back. They beat DSSP8ntball in the quarterfinals, then sent Palm Beach Venom packing in the semifinals and lastly the Colorado Villains in the finals to take first place with a perfect 7-0 record for the tournament. In Division Three RaceTo 2 it was Gainsville Gridiron beating Hostile Ground in the finals to take first place. Chi-Town Fury and New Jack City took third and fourth respectively. In Division Four RaceTo 2 Mac Daddy All Starts took care of business in the finals against AAF. Entropy and Smokin' Aces rounded out the top four teams in that division. Once again the PSP, the teams, the vendors and sponsors put on quite a show in Chicago. Don’t forget the PSP New Jersey event has been moved to Maryland. For more info on this and the PSP in general, logo onto Check out PaintballAccess. com for video of many of the event’s games. See you in New Jersey. walk of paintball life.