PaintballX3 Magazine 2012 Oklahoma D-Day Special Edition - Page 93

08:15 09:00 09:30 09:30 Allies: 1st ID and 5th Battalion Rangers musters and moves to Omaha Beach. 3rd ID moves to Sword Beach Axis: Gameo on. Missed drops in Caen and Utah really offset the balance. Not enough bodies. Utah Beach is falling, last stand around 09:30. Allies: First flag at Sword Beach secured by CEF. North Tower at Utah secured by 4th ID, 2nd Batalion Rangers, 899th, and 2nd AD. French Forces secure La Fiere. Axis: Lost the first trenchline and pillbox at Omaha. Playing a defensive game at beaches and Caen. 11:00 11:15 11:15 12:30 Allies: All scoring for 11:00 are taken by Allies.. Axis: Counter attacks by Germans at Omaha Beach and Caen are furious but in the end fall short. Allies: French Forces along with elements of 899th and 4th ID take Vierville. Allied forces now control all the Valley. Axis: Axis forces score Causeway and Pegasus Bridge. Allies now lead in points 1950 to 150.