PaintballX3 Magazine 2012 Oklahoma D-Day Special Edition - Page 85

throughout the week. Eddie had not only become a great friend to me but to many in the 101st and filling his shoes would be nearly impossible. But I also knew he would give 110% to the unit this year and by the end of the week we had his replacement. Our Training officer Sam Kennitt was promoted and he would be stepping up to XO for 2013. After seeing Sam work on and off the field, I’m sure the 101st will continue to push the limits of what can be accomplished on a paintball field, by players who only play together at one game a year. A missing man For the past four years the 101st has had the honor of being the host team for Jake McNiece and his wife Martha. Jake is an actual 101st Airborne Paratrooper, pathfinder and demolitions expert with four combat jumps during WWII. Jake just turned 93 this year and his health would not allow him to make the trip from Ponca City, OK, to the field. As you can imagine, his absence created a hole for the 101st and all of the players who had grown used to meeting him and hearing his stories for hours on end with Martha at his side. We tried to fill the gap by creating a card for players to sign that would be given to him after the game. We also asked Martha to send some of his books along so that we would have them if anyone wanted one. But we were still missing a man at the game. I encourage everyone to pick up and read his book “The Filthy 13: From Dustbowl to Hitler’s Eagles nest” You can get it on the Engler Website, Amazon or just Google his name so you can see for yourself what a real HERO is like. Mini-Games As always the staff provides an excellent array of mini-games during the week for the players. There were more players on the field early in the week and it was great to see. New this year was a Tuesday game that covered the area between Pegasus Bridge in the south and the causeway in the north. This area was fant 7F2B6( BvBFBv#2FW'6Fw2( W&F6VƖ( vRvW&RFRvW&2GF6&V6BFRƖW2FVfVBv26&V&&'W&W"FWBRbW"rC'2&璒BB&V6fr&fFR'VB6FrFRvW&W'26֖rfbFR&G2גF2B&W7V7BFbF6RW'2v6RfbFR&G2FBFRvW&RWFV&W&VBBF&VFr'WBRWB6֖r&6f"&RFRf"6֖rWBFࠠ