PaintballX3 Magazine 2012 Oklahoma D-Day Special Edition - Page 69

iday afternoon in D-Day Adventure ldn’t have asked for lax as most players ver that wasn’t the e team TOCs (tactir). They had been y new intelligence. s going to be differew the missions or German and Allied o fight for ground y awaited missions nd. Allied: Omaha Beach - unlimited players minimum 400 (known to allies only) Dead Zones will be active in the areas of play. Due to the short time period for this game, air and paint will only be available at the main camp. The game got off to a bit of a late start, but that didn’t stop the wheels from turning. At 1330 Ed Covey reported to the German TOC and Adrian Hopper reported to the Allied TOC. Both commands were given a basic 5 paragraph operations order giving the situation and the mission as described below. Axis: Situation: 400 Enemy forces moving in the direction of the Airport in an attempt to secure LZ for enemy aircraft and secure a foot hold supply point in the area. Enemy Forces: 400 Infantry Friendly Forces: 400 Infantry Mission: Intercept and destroy enemy forces as they attempt to break through Colleville and secure the airport perimeter, while continuing to secure the Old Pond as a base of operations with at least 50 players. Allied: Situation: DDAP Airport is unsecure and will be an important LZ for future operations Enemy Forces: 400 Infantry Friendly Forces: 400 Infantry Mission: Secure Airport - Engage and Destroy Enemy Forces 1345: the Allies received a second order to maneuver and take the Old Pond while still trying to secure the Air Port. 1400: Both commands were informed that scattered though the playing field were 4 blue marked ammo cans and 4 red marked ammo cans. These ammo cans were numbered and were worth strategic value. The two teams could retrieve their ammo cans and return them to the TOC for the prizes. The ammo can values were: 2 cans- instant dead zone insertion, 1 can-strategic air drop of troops, 1 can-6th tank parking spot. Any/All could be redeemed during the game Saturday. Amidst the chaos, both TOCs were advised that Friday's game was for Saturday scoring. 50 pts - Airport, 50 pts Old Pond. At the end of the game the Allies held Old Pond, receiving 50 pts. Recovered all 4 ammo cans. The Germans took and held the Airport for 50 pts and recovered 2 ammo cans identified and the insertion cans. The game provided a very interesting twist to the D-Day week. Players across the board were very intrigued by both the concept and how it played out. Opening an entirely new aspect of scenario play to the D-Day scene gave many players a new way to be a bigger part in the overall outcome of the game. eveloped by Adrian ey, was created to mand staffs and at them unexpected ut the duration of s of the game were ay morning before oint two envelopes e Generals. Both rerders similar to the nowing the others to starting ment at FR&fRƗ7FVB7BFRF7F62&VVFWfVVBFBƖVB6BW&rFV"W'2b&GFRࠤ76V&ǒW'2vr6F2F֗FVBW'2֖2ǒFRVW7Fr2vFVv֗762BVvVVגV&W'2&VBFRWB6&W"vv&R&R&W7B6BFV"76WG2FRfVBFRFV"VBFf7F'BFVFǒvfRFVFRVFvRf"FR&rvSǒWBV"vFV( `