PaintballX3 Magazine 2012 Oklahoma D-Day Special Edition - Page 49

W ednesday’s V2 Rocket Mission scenario (the first morning minigame) is one of the most anticipated games of the week. Nearly 1000 players turn out for this event every year. This year was no different. Players assembled at the airfield to be trucked out to the back side of the field, an area simply known as the 210. Somewhere in the 210 a German V2 Rocket is hidden and each side must find its way to the rocket and secure the location. Once the location is secured the rocket must be readied for launch. In order to be launched the control box must be located and a code entered. Sounds simple enough? Locate the rocket, secure it, launch it… too easy. Not quite. The control box is hidden somewhere in, on, or around the truck. Whoever reaches the rocket first must find the control box enter the code before being taken out. There in-lies the next problem. The code that needs to be entered into the control box is only known by two players in each army, they too must reach the control box safely. This year was more intense than in years past. Players started a little closer than usual so they quickly engaged the other team at game on. The firefight was intense! Both sides attempted to reach the rocket attack wave after attack wave and eventually the Allies managed to sneak their way into the cab of the truck. Only one problem, this wasn’t the guy with the code… The firefight was too intense to get the code man to the control box, which lead to some creative thinking… Just because he knows the code doesn’t mean he has to enter it... At that point the code man shouted the code to the player at the control box. The code was good!!! The rocket was prepped for launch and the Allies had won! This was, without a doubt, another successful V2 Mission and every player in attendance would be sure to come back for next year’s fight.