PaintballX3 Magazine 2012 Oklahoma D-Day Special Edition - Page 42

One of the most unique games of the week, the night game brings out over a thousand players, with hundreds showing for each side. The game starts just after sundown with players marching out to either side of Colleville. The mission is simple one side must capture and defend the center of the town while the other attempts to attack and dig out the entrenched defenders. This put the German’s as the rightful owners of Colleville and Allies would be attacking from the north. Amongst the chaos little bits of light could be spotted from wood line to wood line, failed attempts to hide LED’s in the dark. On the other hand, glow sticks resembled frenzied fireflies in the night sky as they were tossed between the church and the mounds of Colleville, in the hopes of revealing any sort of movement. The opposing teams fought fiercely to gain control of the