PaintballX3 Magazine 2012 Oklahoma D-Day Special Edition - Page 35

T uesday’s mini-game was originally scheduled to be played in the Valley area of the field, but because of unprecedented numbers for the minigame the staff switched it to the area between Pegasus Bridge and the Causeway. This meant including both Coleville and the Airfield. Arriving at the Pegasus Bridge drop point the 101st took the right flank with the goal of pushing through Coleville past the church and St. Laurent across the Cherbourg Bridge and to hold a defensive line there. Our General for the game thought that it would be fine if we just held at the strip mall inside of Coleville. Having already assigned a Quick Reaction Force (QRF) to the game with taking Cherbourg Bridge in mind I told our general of our plan and he agreed. “Run It!” Our planning worked very well. The QRF was able to run straight through to the bridge and fight in the rebuilt airfield. The 101st kept pushing on the right flank on both sides of the Cherbourg Bridge between St. Laurent and Cherbourg and often to the airfield. During the game we really worked well as a division pushing all regiments at the same time. It was really fun to see all four regiments working together so early in the week. The 327th and the 506th to our front and the 401st and 502nd on our flanks. We were victorious in the end. We were able to push the Germans back to the Airfield and hold. It was a great game and it is always great working with the other Allied units. What the staff designed for this mini-game was phenomenal. The work that the game staff has done to rebuild the Airfield was really fantastic. This is a great place to play with open areas and good tree cover around the bridge. D-Day itself is an awesome event and the mini games during the week can't be beat. They are just a fun time and a great training exercise for the German and allied units.